Make 2021 your best year ever.

We know that you are passionate about your business and that you have put your heart and soul into making it a success.

Achieving sustainable and accelerated growth is a challenging task to say the least, especially in these unprecedented times.

Many agents operate independently and find it isolating to navigate the constant challenges and demands of running a migration business.

Without the know-how of the key success criteria that will future-proof your business, it is a difficult to feel confident and optimistic.

Having a mentor to help guide through the journey that lies ahead, allows you to share your concerns and create a focused strategy that will keep you on track.

Our team of Australia’s leading migration experts has run a successful agency for over 20 years, and they have created a mentoring program tailored specifically to migration agents.

Arlena Tolic and Michelle Barel will assist you to:

Develop a strategic vision, key milestones, and an action plan for your business

  • Accelerate your growth, revenue, and profitability
  • Make the most out of the tools and knowledge that you have already acquired
  •  Develop a compelling marketing plan and client acquisition tactics
  • Enhance your confidence, enthusiasm and create an opportunistic mindset
  • Develop a powerful social media presence using LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube
  • Better navigate migration law as it is one of the most complex areas of law that is forever changing.
  • Lead your team to become more productive, focussed, and optimistic
  • Address and questions or concerns relating to ongoing cases and how to find the answers using platform and other research platforms
  • Reach your true potential and overcome any obstacles you may encounter

$750.00 ten units of 30 minutes.


*Please note we are not CPD providers