Well done for taking the hardest step and that is running your own business and tackling the most complex area of the law.

We are here to support you to create a successful business and show you what we believe to be the key success factors that will make a significant impact on your sales and revenue.

We have teamed up with Meiron Lees, an international award-winning author, sales expert and business mentor, who will share his sales and resilience techniques that has helped many businesses worldwide to achieve outstanding results.

  • The topics he will present are:
  •  How to effectively communicate your value proposition
  •  How to convert initial enquiries into paying clients
  •  How present yourself as the expert and increase your sales revenue
  •  How to boost your confidence and resilience in challenging times

You will effectively learn the following during the course:

How to review initial cvs and eligibility assessment for all prospective clients in under three minutes.

  • One on one business consulting on how to understand and apply the latest cutting-edge ideas for digital marketing
  • Learn about strategies and sales techniques, catering to the ever-demanding customer in both the online and offline world (Critical to SUCCESS)
  • Identify/ understand the different visa streams (subclasses) and prospective client demographic and how to apply a tailor specific strategy to your target market and budget.
  • Practical example of Digital Marketing Strategies for Registered Migration Agent Business (Sole traders/Start Ups Companies as well as self-established businesses) and how to increase your profile presence in front of prospective clients
  • Practical sessions on how to build trust through videos/webinars and YOUTUBE and what to include and what to look out for.

The outcome for this session is to show you how to;

  1. Effectively market your business
  2. Apply the latest cutting-edge digital marking ideas
  3. Boost your sales revenue, confidence, and resilience

Normally $399.00

PRICE: $299.00

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12.30PM – 3PM 3rd/10th of February


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