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Sales Accelerator - Strategies to increase profit in your business
Know your compelling value proposition
How to differentiate yourself from your competitors
Building confidence and resilience in this competitive industry
Converting initial enquiries into paying clients
Win the price war without dropping your prices
Knowing your target market- demographics, online and offline markets as well as onshore and offshore markets
Sales techniques to boost your revenue
Slay your STRATEGY and ADVICE-Medical Professional enquiries
How much information is too much information?
Learn how to deal with clients in the medical profession that have done an immense amount of homework prior to your consultation
Learn how to charge for your time effectively and profitably
Planning effectively to increase your overall profit and client base
How to lead your team and business to success
Step by step guide to Medical skills assessments
Learn the key tools to finding the answers on your own with CONFIDENCE
*Please note we are not CPD providers.
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