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We understand that there is so much involved in the ever changing Australian migration law. There are so many regulations and criteria to meet and no case identical. RMA was founded to support and assist agents and lawyers in meeting the complex requirements for valid skills assessments within all facets of the Medical professions.

Currently Australia has a high demand for various roles including but not limited to, General Practitioners, Psychologists, Dentists, Nurses, Psychiatrists, Physiotherapist and more.

We want to ensure that all practicing lawyers and agents can be confident to service their clients and at the same time not miss out on any clients and cases. RMA Support ensures to assist you to make sure that you look professional at all times and provide your clients with competency and the desired outcome of a positive skills assessment. RMA  Support ensures to provide you with decision ready applications through a streamlined process.

Why not leave it to the experienced professionals at RMA support who have completed the skills assessments applications many times before successfully and completely understand what is expected from the relevant authorities . This will leave your clients with a streamlined decision ready process.

The entire procedure is simplified for a small fee, from the start to the outcome and you can add your fee on top directly to your clients.

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Medical Skill Assessment


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